Work and Travel USA

Feel the beat of New York, take a tour to the East Coast, conquer Alaska, feel the spirit of the Wild Wild West, find your fortune in Las Vegas or simply Taste America :P

What is Work and Travel USA?

Imagine sprinkles of emotions, opportunities and experience you could only get while you are a full time university student. It is one of the most popular student program worldwide which gives you the chance to spend your summer break.

Work and Travel USA is the longest running cultural exchange program in America! It is regulated by the US Department of State and offers the opportunity for all full-time university students to spend up to 5 months in the USA with a working period between the May 1-st until the September  30-th with an extra travelling period of 30 days. Your last chance to travel to the USA as a Work and Travel participant is during your Мasters degree program. This is the best way for you to discover the American culture, enjoy the lifestyle and grab a taste of the American dream. You can travel anywhere within the country visiting all the famous  places you’ve only seen in the movies, trying different kinds of food and meeting people from all over the world and making new international friendships. And lets not forget about improving your English skills and gaining work experience! The program could also be a chance for you to learn something new about yourself and it could be an inspiration for future plans and life changing decisions.

As an agency assisting thousands of students each year who travel as participants in different educational and cultural exchange programs around the globe Integral’s role is of course to integrate in the best way possible all the students who wish to discover the United States of America depending on their personal profile. Besides all the important details concerning the program process, necessary documents and further steps we are dedicated to helping you with choosing the best job offer for you. We organize several job fairs and recruits with American employers and our participants are able to meet them and attend an interview in person or via skype/facetime. More information could be found on the Job Offers section. If you already have an employer who is willing to hire you for the Summer Season 2019 you can find out which are the next steps in our Self- Arranged section.


Ready to #TasteAmerica?

Why to get into the adventure of Work and Travel?

  • You will gain experience and more self-confidence. 
  • You will meet new friends from all over the world.
  • You will travel to new places you have always wanted to visit.
  • Who does not love shopping?! You will get the chance to visit the busiest shopping centers. 
  • Last but not least- you will get to know different culture and american lifestyle.

Work and Travel USA is designed for:

  • Full-time university students in BA or MA programs who are currently studying in Bulgaria or abroad;
  • Students between age 18 and 28;
  • Students with at least an Intermediate level of English;
  • Students who are willing to discover the American culture and lifestyle;

How long is the duration of WAT program?

You are permitted to stay in the USA for 5 months
  • 4 months work period
  • 1 month tourist stay

Additional questions

Which are the program dates?

The program for participants studying in Bulgaria runs through May 1st until September 30th.

*If you are a student studying abroad please contact us to provide you with information concerning the program dates available for the country where you are currently residing or click here.

What kind of job offers are in regulation with the program?

The job offer positions that are in regulation with the program are various and are all in the field of tourism and hospitality. Such can be restaurant,hotel and motels job positions, amusements and theme park staff positions and supermarkets and retail store job offers.

What type of US visa am I required and what are the steps for completing the application process?

All students participating in the Work and Travel USA programs require a J-1 visa. This visa allows you to live and work in the United States up to four months during your university summer vacation. It also gives you the opportunity to travel for an additional 30 days after your official working period ends. In order to attend a visa interview you should have a valid work permit - DS2019 which is issued on the grounds of a Job Offer approved by your sponsor. That’s why acquiring a job offer as soon as possible is of that importance. The application process is like a piece of cake when working with us! You only have to bring the required visa documents in one of our offices and we are going to complete all the application forms and schedule a suitable for you date!

Can I travel with friends?

Yes, the program is suitable for groups of friends - Work and Travel was meant for sharing great adventures :) Rest assured! Even if you and your friends are enrolled in different Integral's offices, we still are able to process your applications altogether and even schedule the same date for your visa interview.

Can I travel with my girl/boyfriend?

Yes, every year dozens of couples travel together on this American journey.

Am I able to participate in Work and Travel program if I am first or last year student?

Yes, the only condition is to be a full time student no matter if you are in your first or last year of study.

Can I travel, if I am studying for my master degree?

Yes, every full-time student can participate in the program.

Am I able to participate in the Work and Travel USA program if I am a student studying abroad?

If you are a Bulgarian citizen who is currently studying abroad, then: Yes! You are eligible for the Work and Travel USA! If you are an international student currently enrolled in a Bulgarian university or simply planning to spend a semester abroad you too are eligible to participate in the Work and Travel USA using our service!

*Important note: If you do not have any connection to Bulgaria – For example, you are an international student who is not currently enrolled in university in Bulgaria or you do not have a double citizenship - one of which is Bulgarian or you do not have a permanent residence permit, unfortunately Integral Work and Travel Bulgaria would not able to provide you assistance for the Work and Travel USA.

-     Online enrollment; 
-     Virtual job interviews; 
-     Visa application assistance; 
-     Travel arrangements;

What should you know about the J-1 visa process?

As a Work and Travel Participant you should apply for J-1 visa.

Our consultants know the visa application process in details so there is nothing to worry about because:
  • Integral will explain to you everything you need to know about the visa process and documents you need to present
  • We will fill out all the visa applications and will schedule your visa interview date at the US Consulate in Bulgaria
  • Only in Integral you will receive free complete visa interview preparation
"Emotions before the visa interview are big even for all of us from Integral and you have to be sure that we are standing next to you during the whole process and we are here to guide you and encourage you."

Advantages of Integral

We have 26 years of experience in consulting students who wish to travel abroad on different programs such as Work&Travel USA, Language courses worldwide, university and internship programs. Our team will provide you with professional service throughout the program and will also be your new friend who will give you a advice on where to spend your Friday night if you are new in the town :) Each and every one in our offices has been in your shoes  and knows both sides of the coin and they are able to give you the best Work and Travel advice based on a personal experience so you could make your first step in conquering USA! Integral will offer you:


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What you should know about the insurance?

WAT US is special program and because of that we offer you special Work and Travel insurance.

It has been developed by US insurance experts and a CIEE advisory team.

  • Access to more than 672 000 healthcare facilities, with locating the nearest center – tool, found on a detailed website
  • 100% payment of all covered medical expenses
  • No filling medical claims
  • Cover up to $ 100,000
  • Payment of doctor prescriptions

This is one of a kind insurance, which includes more

  • Refund between $ 500 and $ 1500 for loss or theft of personal luggage or documents
  • Third Party Civil Liability Insurance
  • Legal services of up to $ 20 500 in case of an accident or theft, except in a case of a committed crime by the participant

A scholarship for students who grew up without parental care

INTEGRAL and the US sponsoring organization CIEE grant a full scholarship to the Work and Travel USA program for a student who grew up without parental care or without parents.

The scholarship offers free participation in the summer cultural exchange program and covers the participation fee in the program with a job offer, 5-month insurance, Visa and SEVIS, as well as a two-way ticket (total scholarship over $ 2000).

Who can apply for the scholarship?

  • Full-time student
  • Age between 18-28
  • Intermediate English level


The scholarship is linked to the Work and Travel program, which lasts 4 months, and after the end of the working period students are allowed to travel for another month in the US.

If you want to apply for the scholarship, come to the nearest Integral office. You will learn more about the deadlines and documents needed for enrollment.

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