Work and Travel USA

Feel the beat of New York, take a tour to the East Coast, conquer Alaska, feel the spirit of the Wild Wild West, find your fortune in Las Vegas or simply #tasteAmerica

What is Work and Travel USA?

Work and Travel USA is a summer program for cultural exchange in the USA. It gives full-time students the chance to spend their summer holiday in America and work legally in the tourism industry. This is also the easiest way to work and travel in the USA while you're a student.

You can enroll in the program and work for 4 months in the USA even during your first summer holiday at the university and then after the program you can travel for 1 month as a tourist and visit all the amazing places we only see in the movies. 

You will get enough wages in order to cover your travel and living expenses, save enough money for your tuition fees or for other plans and ideas you might have.


Are you ready to #tasteAmerica?

Why taking part in the adventure of Work and Travel?

  • You will gain new experience and become more independent. 
  • You will meet new friends from all over the world.
  • You will travel to new places you have always wanted to visit.
  • Who does not love shopping?! You will get the chance to visit the busiest shopping centers. 
  • Last but not least - you will get familiar with the American culture and lifestyle.
  • Because you have this opportunity NOW

Who can participate in the program?

  • Full-time students in BA/BSc or MSc/MA programs, studying in Bulgaria or abroad;
  • Students between the age of 18 and 28;
  • Students with at least an Intermediate level of English;
  • Students who are willing to discover the American culture and lifestyle;
You study full time in Bulgaria but you own another citizenship – you are definitely eligible for the program!

How long is the duration of WAT program?

You are permitted to stay in the USA for 5 months
  • 4 months work period
  • 1 month tourist stay

You are still hesitating?

You are alone? - Not a problem! We'll introduce you to other students with whom you'll be able to spend the summer in the US

You have a girlfriend? - We will make sure you travel, work and live together

You want to go with friends? - No problem, we'll send you all together!

You want to go with friends who study in another city or abroad? - Don't worry, just sign up at any of our offices and we'll make sure you travel together

You are in your Master's degree? - You can also enroll

Additional questions

When does the program start?

The program dates for Bulgaria are as follows: 1 May – 30 September

*If you are studying abroad, you can contact us so that we can send you up-to-date information or you can check the program dates here.

What kind of job offers are available?

The job offer positions that are in regulation with the program are various and are all in the tourism and hospitality industry. For instance: you can work at restaurants, hotels, amusements, theme parks, supermarkets and retail stores.
You can check our available job offers from here.

What type of US visa do I need?

You will need a non-immigrant J-1 visa, issued on the basis of a valid work permit – DS2019. Since it would be a stressful procedure, we will be assisting you all the time:

  • We will help you to fill in the necessary forms and inform you about the additional documents.
  • We will bring the whole package of documents in the US Embassy in Bulgaria, as well as make a visa interview appointment for you.
  • In order to feel more confident, we will interview you in our office prior to your real interview and we will keep our fingers crossed!
  • We will look forward to hearing from you after the interview!

If your interview is unsuccessful and you get a Visa Refusal, we will give you a refund of all program fees you have paid.

Can I travel with friends?

Yes - you and your friends can travel, live and work together even if you are not enrolled at the same university, or if you are using the services of different Integral offices. It is our responsibility to collect and manage your papers at the same time so that you can be together with your friends from start to finish.

Can I travel with my girl/boyfriend?

Yes, you can. We send many couples on an annual basis to taste America.

Can I participate in the program if I am a first or last year student?

Yes - the only condition is that you are a full-time student, regardless of your year of studies. 

Can I travel if I’m enrolled in a Master’s degree course?

Sure you can, as long as you are a full-time student.

Am I able to participate in the Work and Travel USA program if I am a student studying abroad?

If you are a Bulgarian citizen who is currently studying abroad, then Yes! You are eligible for the Work and Travel USA! If you are an international student currently enrolled in a Bulgarian university or simply planning to spend a semester abroad you are eligible to participate in the Work and Travel USA, too!

  • Online enrollment; 
  • Virtual job interviews;
  • Visa application assistance;
  • Travel arrangements;

    *Important note: If you do not have any connection to Bulgaria – for example: you are an international student who is not currently enrolled in university in Bulgaria or you do not have a double citizenship - one of which is Bulgarian or you do not have a permanent residence permit, unfortunately you won't be able to enroll for the Work And Travel Program in Bulgaria.

What should you know about the J-1 visa process?

We know that the most important question for you is the US Visa.

The procedure for issuing a US visa is the same every year and we are fully aware of it. The American Embassy in Bulgaria interviews thousands of students who would like to engage in the Work and Travel program. It applies its own rules and criteria in order to weigh the candidates up. There are always both disappointed and happy students after the interviews.

Remember that we always do our best so that you are among the lucky ones who got the visa!
"Emotions before the visa interview are big even for all of us from Integral and you have to be sure that we are standing next to you during the whole process and we are here to guide you and encourage you."

Advantages of Integral

We have 26 years of experience in consulting students who wish to travel abroad on different programs such as Work&Travel USA, Language courses worldwide, university and internship programs. Our team will provide you with professional service throughout the program and will also be your new friend who will give you a advice on where to spend your Friday night if you are new in the town :) Each and every one in our offices has been in your shoes  and knows both sides of the coin and they are able to give you the best Work and Travel advice based on a personal experience so you could make your first step in conquering USA! Integral will offer you:


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What you should know about the insurance?

WAT US is special program and because of that we offer you special Work and Travel insurance.

It has been developed by US insurance experts and a CIEE advisory team.

  • Access to more than 672 000 healthcare facilities, with locating the nearest center – tool, found on a detailed website
  • 100% payment of all covered medical expenses
  • No filling medical claims
  • Cover up to $ 100,000
  • Payment of doctor prescriptions

This is one of a kind insurance, which includes more

  • Refund between $ 500 and $ 1500 for loss or theft of personal luggage or documents
  • Third Party Civil Liability Insurance
  • Legal services of up to $ 20 500 in case of an accident or theft, except in a case of a committed crime by the participant

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