Internship in USA

The Internship and Professional Career Programs are exchange programs under the regulation of the US Department of State.


Internship USA

The Internship program is suitable for full time students or recent graduates (up to 12 months after the graduation). The maximum length of the program is 12 months plus two month for travel (optional).

Career Training USA

The Career Training USA program is suitable for youth professionals who have educational background and at least 1 year experience in the field they would like to develop their skills OR no academic background but a professional experience  for 5 years. The maximum duration of the program is 18 months plus two travel month (optional).

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How do I find my internship?

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How much does Internship USA costs?

"Internship USA" Program Fees 2024


  • $1639 6 months
  • $1948 9 months
  • $2257 12 months

How much does Career Training USA costs?

"Career Training USA" Program Fees 2022/2023


  • $2151 6 months
  • $2460 9 months
  • $2769 12 months
  • $3284 16 months

Who is eligible?

Internship USA

·         Be at least 18 years old;

·         Be a full-time university student or a recent graduate (within 1 year) outside the USA;

·         Have sufficient English language skills;

·         The internship field should be related to the studies or academic background of the participant;

Career Training USA

·         Between 20 and 40 years old;

·         Have sufficient English language skills;

·         The internship field should be related to your professional background;

·         Have a degree and at least one year of professional experience outside of the U.S. in the related field of study, OR have five years of professional experience outside of the U.S. in a different sphere;

Determine if you are eligible for Internship USA or Career Training USA by taking this quiz.

Why choose an INT/PCT program?

The programs give opportunities to:

•  Be part of the real American working environment and you will gain a professional experience in the field you want to develop your professional skills;

• You will improve your English language skills;  

• You will make professional connections and contacts;

• You will learn more about the American culture and lifestyle;

• You will make new international friendships;

• You will travel to places you have always wanted to visit;

What to expect?

The Internship and Professional Career Training program positions should be related to your academic background or to the professional experience you are able to proof. They give you the chance to gain experience working in professional atmosphere and help you to develop new skills and professional techniques. It is really important when choosing a host company so make sure that there are less than 10% interns/trainees of the average number of the company employees in order to get a better vision of the American professional working environment. When an intern/trainee is offered a position the hosting company should prepare a Training Plan - a detailed description of the position and information about the skills and techniques month by month the intern/ trainee will develop and gain during the whole period.

The Internship and the Professional Career Training program could be paid or unpaid. It depends on the host company’s conditions and terms. In many cases when the Internship is paid the participants are able to cover their expanses during the program and even save some. When the Internship or the Professional Career Training program is not paid participants must provide information before their departure concerning their bank statement and should prove they have enough funds to cover their expenses.

Important notice:  Second jobs are not allowed during the INT/PCT programs.

Positions that are not allowed are:

·         Medicine and healthcare or other similar fields connected directly to patient health care;

·         Veterinary medicine and similar fields;

·         Domestic help and assistance positions;

·         Ship or Aircraft Crew;

·         Teachers or teaching assisting;

Documents for enrollment

• An ID or a valid international passport;

• Copies of previous US visas (if any);    

• A student book or an official transcript (if you are still a full time university student);   

• Certificate of enrollment (if you are still a full time university student);              

• A Diploma (if you are a graduate student);

Which are the program dates?

INT/Career Training USA programs are running year round. The dates should be discussed and arranged between the participant and the host company or organization.

Important! The INT/Career Training USA are programs that could be extended - more information can be provided by our consultants at our offices.

Our advice to you is to plan efficiently so that you will have enough time to arrange your visa interview and to plan your future travel better!

Important! Sometimes searching for a host company or organization can take up to 6 months.

What is included in the price?

·         DS-2019 - Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status based on the approved Training Plan;

·         Assistance for J-1 visa application;

·         Insurance for the period of the program (based on the dates on the Training Plan), including the travel months.

·         Plane ticket assistance;

·         Mandatory pre- departure online orientation;

·         Travel kit - consisting of the full package of necessary program documents;

·         24/7 emergency phone line with Integral – You are there – we still care!

Important:  The above mentioned prices are valid for INT/PCT programs when the applicant is able to find a host company or organization independently. In case the participant wants to apply for positions through our sponsor, they should check the available positions and companies and contact the nearest Integral office.

Additional Fees

• SEVIS Administration Fee - $220;          

• Host company site visit - $250 (if applicable);

• J-1 visa interview at the US Consulate - $160;

• Plane ticket- Depending of the destination and travel dates;

• Pocket money - $1000 (In the case of an unpaid Internship/PCT program, the participant must prove personal funds amounting to $1000 per month in accordance to the program length);

Enrollment Process

• Apply online or make an appointment in the nearest office of Integral;

• Sign a contract for the program and be ready to pay a deposit of $500;               

• After you receive an elaborately filled Training Plan from your host company or organization there is a waiting processing period for about 2 to 4 weeks in order to receive an approval or Additional Information form from your sponsor.             

• Once the Training Plan is approved you are required to pay the rest of the program fees in order to receive your DS 2019 Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status;                

• Make a ticket reservation and start planning your travel;          

• Apply for J1 visa at the US Consulate (you will get a full list of the documents required for applying for J-1 visa);

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