24 january 2023

Alaska - a natural phenomenon beyond your comfort zone

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10 november 2022

Interesting foods you can try in America

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08 november 2022

Travel in the USA - how and where?

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04 november 2022

The weirdest features of American culture?

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31 october 2022

Most Preferred Job Positions for Student Brigade

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29 october 2022

On a Brigade in the USA: alone or with friends?

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27 october 2022

Where to go on a student brigade - East coast vs West coast?

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23 october 2022

4 Types of College Students in the US: Which One Do You Belong

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19 september 2022

5 reasons to join the Work and Travel program

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04 january 2021

#This Could Be You! - Simeon

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10 december 2020

5 things you need to do on your WAT program in America

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30 october 2020

Summer 2020: Krum's WAT experience

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