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The Nantasket Beach Resort is a seaside located in scenic Hull, Massachusetts. Set out to explore attractions around Hull, Hingham, and Cohasset, including the stunning nature trails at Wompatuck State Park and World's End. Experience authentic New England at Nantasket Beach Resort. It is just a short drive from Boston and only minutes away from great attractions such as: beaches, state parks, shops, seaside dining. Dont forget to visit the many parks Hull has to offer. Some include Paragon Park, Fort Revere Park and many other state parks in the surrounding areas. There are activities for everyone in this beautiful waterfront destination.

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The hotel offers all employees a complimentary meal for every shift worked and company - paid employee social events with the potential to receive: awards, incentives, raffle prizes. Hull also offers an abundance of summer activities including: fishing, kayaking, sailing, miniature golf, scooter rides, boat rentals, hiking.


45 Hull Shore Drive Hull , Massachusetts

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Иван Пейчев


Иван Петов

Мария Матева


Работният ден минава неусетно!

“ Природата тук е много красива и впечатляваща, работния ден минава неусетно, тъй като хората около нас са готини и забавни. ”

“ ”

Уверих се в думите:"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

“ В Интеграл се погрижиха за мен сякаш са знаели по-добре от мен самата какво искам.
А за Америка... Каквото и да кажа, няма да е достатъчно, докато не я преживеете сами! ”
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Работният ден минава неусетно!
Иван Пейчев
Иван Петов
Уверих се в думите, че "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone".
Мария Матева

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